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J.K. Crawlers is a Sou’west Nova based company dealing in live lobsters and lobster baits. We have a new live lobster holding tank under construction and will be posting the progress as the project moves forward.


Get to Know Us

Dealing in high quality Atlantic lobsters and lobster fishing baits. Based out of West Pubnico, Nova-Scotia, we deal with live lobsters caught fresh from the Atlantic and send them throughout the Canadian Maritimes and in The United States.

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Weighing into grades

Often times the lobsters will be weighed individually into weight classes called grades.  All of our live lobsters are checked to assure the quality of our product is top notch.

Pick ups and deliveries

We have trucks on the go picking up lobsters from Digby county to Shelburne county. We have a climate controlled cube van and a covered trailer for transportation.

Lobster Fishing Seasons

We are always on the go during the lfa 34 lobster fishing season. Wether its picking up lobsters, grading, chopping bait or filling orders, we can get it done.



1027 NS-335
Middle West Pubnico, B0W 2M0

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