Our Facility

J.K. Crawlers is proudly located at; 1027 NS-335 Middle West Pubnico Nova-Scotia, Canada. This tight knit fishing community has been thriving on the fishing industry for years now and we are happy to be a part of that. Our facility is under construction as of march 2018, however things are progressing quickly. There are pictures on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts as well as on our website. Please enjoy these few examples of the work that is being done on our building.

Take Note: Every picture on this page will link you directly to our Instagram page, where these pictures were all originally posted.

Great thanks and Great job goes out to the workers who stayed until midnight last night to finish th

Early Stages

This first picture is the day after our floor had been poured. There were workers on site until past midnight getting it all flattened and smooth. The floor was raised from its original depth and the walls will be built a few feet higher than original.

Some more great progress today! The walls are going up nicely and the middle section is set up to be

Mid Construction

This second picture shows the walls after being poured and the wood stripped from the sides. The walls for our holding tank are approximately seven feet tall and there will be a dividing wall in the middle to create two tanks.

Where we are now

In this final picture, the construction company has poured the foundation for the small extension and work inside is still progressing, with only two walls left to pour. Since the Live Lobster holding tank is not yet finished, we can only display what it looks like as we move forward. When the project is finished we will post the end results both here and on our social media accounts.


1027 NS-335
Middle West Pubnico, B0W 2M0

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